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My love

Aug 16, 2021

9 Years Today 😯💓⁣

He has loved me every day⁣
Even when I didn't love myself

He has loved me through so many struggles and challenges⁣
He has loved me through my self-hatred and dieting⁣
Through my panic attacks and anxiety⁣
When I had no confidence or belief in myself he loved me⁣
He loved me when I thought I was broken⁣
He helped me see I was never broken⁣

He loved me when I decided to quit my job and follow my dreams⁣
He loved me through some of the craziest ideas and our moves across continents 😝⁣
He loved me when I used to get so mad at the slightest of things⁣
He loved me through my control freak season... 😁⁣

You put up with my odd sense of humour, when I laugh more at my own jokes than you ever will⁣. 🤣

I’m so grateful for you, to have you by my side every single day⁣
You cheer me on, you support me, you listen with the most compassionate understanding and you have the most beautiful heart

You truly are a gift to the world and I am so incredibly grateful to be your partner 💓⁣

You truly are one of a kind. ⁣

I am more grateful to you this year than any other
I'm happier today than I’ve ever been ⁣
I love you more today than yesterday⁣

but less than tomorrow⁣

Thank you @boydos 💓⁣

Here's to lifetimes together 💓⁣

If you are searching for a partner or improving the relationship you have - don't give up. I had a couple of frogs before I met this one, it will be worth the wait, I promise.⁣

It doesn't determine your worth if he/she is or isn't here yet.⁣
You are worthy no matter what.⁣
If you don't love yourself yet, it doesn't mean you aren't worthy of love. 💓⁣
Please lovely don't ever forget that.⁣

Work on falling in love with you, your first and most important love. The rest will happen💓 

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