My Manifestations

Sep 23, 2022
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💫My Manifestations💫

I asked via a poll on my stories if people wanted to hear my manifestations - 98% said yes.
I froze. I can’t share this, don’t brag Charlotte, not everyone is as privileged as you, don’t share.

So I didn’t.

I had to sit with this.

Some deep Inner child healing came up. Feelings of being too much, old beliefs around sharing my wins, and celebrating myself. Also, a grief that throughout my teen years, I didn't have “parents” around congratulating me, supporting me & this hurt.

When I healed these, I cried. I held myself & this profound wave of energy moved through me.

The message came clear 'I get to be proud of myself now' 🥹

This college dropout, who lived in a caravan at 16, had no financial support from parents, gets to own her achievements! I get to be proud of myself & I get to invite you into being proud of you too.

No one will cheer louder than you

My Manifestations from the past 3 months -

I created powerful AF balance & boundaries so I now only coach & heal 3 days a week
2 biggest cash months in my business & it felt fun & joyful
5 months of full-time travel – whilst working
100 people signed up to my new free offer
Fully Booked Reiki & Coaching schedule with soul-mate clients
Holidays, weekends, trips with the family
6 weeks of luxury accommodation - for free
Hit over 1000 souls supported in my Biz
5800 podcast downloads
Welcomed in 3 new soul-sister BFFs

Here’s how I did it -

Aligned my energy with my vision
Overcame the fears/doubts & beliefs of why I couldn’t
Showed up authentically as ME
Stopped following rules & did it intuitively, led by the heart
Deep Self-Trust
Became a magnet for my manifestations

Much Love 💕

Charlotte xx

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