My struggles

Aug 16, 2021

I don't say this lightly

but I say it as it's the truth⁣

My own journey... ⁣

Bulimia for 12 years⁣
Living in a caravan and homeless at 16⁣
Anxiety and Depression⁣
Chronic Pain⁣

These are some of the perceived 'struggles' I've faced. ⁣

Without them though, I wouldn't be the person, friend, fiance, coach or healer I am today. I no longer see them as struggles, I see them as gifts. ⁣

I would not be able to do the job I'm doing now without them all, I wouldn't be able to look for possibility and hope. To see love in the face of fear, to see joy where others see pain. To see light when there is darkness. To see that each and everything is happening for a deeper purpose. ⁣

To see that situations, struggles and challenges give us opportunities. ⁣

I know in the face of great sadness, grief, loss, pain and hardships it can be more challenging to see it.⁣
This is also the path; to move through the pain, to work through your feelings and emotions to come out of the other side. ⁣

Everything in life has the potential to be used FOR you.⁣

I attribute my growth to my 'struggles'.⁣

I've wanted to give up, I've wanted to stop, I've begged and pleaded with the universe, I've prayed for an easier path.⁣

That would never have given me all the strength, knowledge, patience, love and wisdom I have today. I am still learning through the struggles, it's a never-ending journey. ⁣

Don't forget - you get to choose. ⁣

How are you choosing?⁣
Is this happening TO you FOR you?⁣
Are you growing through what you are going through?⁣

If you choose again for today how do you decide? ⁣

Charlotte xx⁣

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