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My wish

Aug 06, 2021

I wish I was.... ⁣

Like her⁣
I wish I didn't have stretch marks⁣
Didn't have cellulite⁣
Had skinny legs⁣
My arms were more toned⁣
I could get rid of these love handles⁣
If only...⁣
My rolls were gone ⁣

My wish... ⁣

I wish you loved your body 💓⁣
Like you love someone you care about so so much because...⁣

Your body is your longest friend⁣. It is your best friend.
It is your phenomenal life vessel ⁣

It saves your life every single day⁣

Without you even asking...⁣

Your heart beats⁣
It disposes of toxins 💩
It clears out what you no longer need (yep more 💩)⁣
It sweats when you get too hot⁣
Your heart beats faster when danger is near to protect you⁣
Your white blood cells literally race to a cut to HEAL it.⁣
Your stomach produces chemicals to break down food when you eat and transport it all over your body 💥⁣

Your body is the most incredible machine⁣
And it continues to save your life and will continue to save your life every single day

Learn to love it beautiful💓⁣

Because you and your vessel are incredible⁣
You only get one and that vessel of yours⁣
It is enough⁣
It's more than enough ⁣

You are more than enough⁣
You are freaking incredible 💓⁣

Please on the days where you don't love yourself, remind yourself of that.⁣
⁣Your worth is inherent and it always has been.💓

If a genie dropped down from the sky and granted you 1 wish what would it be? 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️

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