My wish for you...⁣

Jun 16, 2021

My wish for you...⁣

Don’t let this moment pass you by.
Don’t let the worry of tomorrow take away from your today.⁣
Don’t let the stress of daily life limit you truly living your greatest life.⁣
Don't conform - be different, the world needs your uniqueness - so freaking own it. You don't need a degree, marriage, kids, money or anything else to have an amazing fulfilled life
Love deeply with all your heart⁣
Find the courage to do the things which scare you⁣ the most
Be here now, your greatest gift to the world is your presence⁣
Invest in yourself, you matter and you are important⁣
Stop giving a shit what other people think of you - is it none of your business⁣ what they think.
Don’t let past hurts hold you back from finding true love⁣, the past is the past let it stay there.
Don’t put off your dreams through fear⁣, apply for the job, move states, countries if you want to
Don't push forgiveness if you don't feel like you can, don't forgive, instead - don't blame⁣
Don't hate your body, restrict foods or try to change yourself to fit in.⁣
Don't diet... ever your body is beautiful just the way it is
Please believe you are enough, more than enough exactly the way you are

Be you, all of you....the world needs to see it⁣
Forgive yourself and often⁣ 💕
Own your worth⁣
Say No - and often⁣
Stand firm in your values and beliefs, don't compromise what you believe in order to please others, your voice and opinion matters⁣
Be vulnerable - it's worth it

Listen to yourself...but biggest of all⁣

Look after you⁣
Look in the mirror and love what looks back at you⁣
Love yourself and all of you⁣
and always⁣
aways be kind to yourself FIRST⁣

Because you are your own best friend⁣

You get this one life, this one opportunity don't let it pass you by. 💕⁣

What would be one wish if you had it? ⬇️⁣

Charlotte xx⁣

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