Negative Nanny

Dec 23, 2020

Let's talk about the negative nanny and the downward spiral we can find ourselves in sometimes.⁣.. 🧐

Sometimes it can be 1 thing, 1 thought, one person, one situation and before you know the spiral of negativity has consumed you.⁣

You have added everything from your relationship, your body, your friendships, what you haven't done, your finances all into the tumble weed rolling rapidly down the hill.⁣

If you can do 1 thing for yourself when this happens. Do this - say to yourself 'this too shall pass'. ⁣'this isn't permanent' then take a breath.

I have used this technique over the past month and I know for sure it has calmed me down (rapido)

Everything has provided me with greater strength, insight, lessons and growth. Some unwanted lessons for sure, but we don't get to cherry pick our lessons from the universe. (Oh how we wish 🌌)⁣

Remember - Nurture yourself, be kind, be compassion, ride that wave, the feelings, the negativity can and will pass 😘⁣

You've got this.⁣
You're so much stronger than you give yourself credit for.⁣
Give yourself a little bit of love today 💕

Tell me who in your life is strong AF and you want to give them some love below? ⬇️💕⬇️⁣

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