New chapters + Rebirth

Jun 08, 2022

As I’m navigating my rebirth phase this is what has supported me…

Whether you’re starting a new business/job, going to study or moving across the world each is you entering a new evolution of you.

A new energy
A new way of being and experiencing life

We’re conditioned to hit the ground running, go, go, go - keep on moving, don’t stop, hustle to make it work. (Mini-vomit 🤮)

It’s 2022 people - burn out. Stress hustle and a thing of the past.

I am not available for any of that. This recent move has taught me more than EVER that a new chapter requires slowing down, grounding, nurturing and going within.

You - your well-being, your health, your energy and how you feel on your journey shouldn’t be the last on the list of your priorities.

Are you in a new chapter too? 

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