Our trip to Broome

May 01, 2022

She’s made of Love, Kindness, Compassion, Strength, Determination, A shit load of grit
+ a little sprinkle of no matter what I’m not giving upšŸ˜‚

Our trip to Broome wasn’t easy, we came up against more than a few challenges getting there.

We could have given up, decided against it. The last minute arranging, struggle with accommodation, limitations with restrictions etc. etc. It would have been easy to give up and cancel. Instead, it burnt a fire in me.

We’re going - no matter what it takes

The world/life and its challenges will at times pull you sideways or even backwards from your vision and mission.

That isn’t a sign to stop, quit, give up or stay in the struggle and stress, berating yourself as to why it isn’t working.

It’s an invitation even deeper
Even deeper into your vision
Even deeper into your dreams
Even deeper into your belief in yourself
To be a resilient MF

It’s an opportunity to try again, do it differently, open another door or take more aligned action

How much are you willing to persevere for what you want and for what is calling you?

How willing are you to keep showing up, to keep on going… even when it can seem like everything is “against” you? And it just isn’t “working” out according to how your mind “wants” it to?

The universe doesn’t desire for you to struggle
You get to decide right now if you do or not

How would you show up today knowing you could make it work no matter what?

Fuck yesss you are spiritual biz babe I know you are.

Charlotte xx

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