Overthinking Something

Oct 18, 2021

Anyone else? 🙋‍♀️ ⁣

I was overthinking something today 🤯 ⁣

Yeah Yeah I know an overthinking coach who overthinks 😭#human ⁣

So I was trying to make a decision and I couldn't. ⁣
Should I shouldn't I?

I weighed up all the pros and cons, I thought about them over and over again, went to the worst-case scenario, thought about the what if's, went to best-case scenario, felt scared, decided not to, changed my mind 😂 ⁣

Do you ever do that? ⁣

Fuck it's exhausting. ⁣
I was tired.⁣
My mind didn't want to think anymore ⁣

So I know after years of practice and coaching how to stop it. ⁣

I went within⁣
Pressed Pause⁣
Turned to my spiritual practices ⁣
Listened to my inner guidance and wisdom⁣
Did my pendulum and cards ⁣

And I was STILL doubting... yep #notperfect and I still am a little bit. ⁣

But i'm feeling the fear and doing it anyway (well announced on IG anyway so I stay true 😭😁😂) ⁣
Trusting myself and the guidance.

I'm not buying into the doubt. ⁣

Which is where most people struggle they doubt and stop! ⁣

Doubt isn't the enemy - believing and buying into everything the doubt tells you is!

Tell me do you struggle to make decisions? 🤯🤯⁣

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