Positive Plasters 🤮

Apr 11, 2023
Charlotte Beswick in White top and Blue jeans holding a laptop.

It's all the rave, say some 'affirmations' turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.

I used to get frustrated, I was saying allll the positive affirmations but ZILCH, ZERO, NADA nothing changed.

I tried to change how I was thinking and it didn't work.


I realised that the affirmations were so far from what I believed to be true. No wonder it wasn't landing, I didn't believe them.

So instead I Mastered my Mindset for the long haul and started to believe what I was telling myself VS positive plaster and sprinkling fairy dust over shit.

I literally started looking at life with new eyes, I was a new vibration EVEN when the challenges were happening and STILL do happen.

If you have affirmations that you want to believe but AREN'T.

Add this to them -

I am working on believing...

I am learning to...

MASTERY the workshop is going to teach you the tools and principles I live my life by. How I changed the way I think, feel and believe and Bad-assed my own Brain.

It isn't going to change your life overnight. BECAUSE you have to apply it into your life. You have to be willing to do the work and really want to change (if you're not, don't sign up for this workshop)

There are layers upon layers to you living a happier, more fulfilled, joyful, expansive life. To you healing from your past.

But the layer I am going to teach you is POWERFUL AF.

Here's what you get for signing up to Mastery -

➡️ The Keys to Freedom from the Prison of Your Mind
➡️ Badass Your Brain to elevate you every single day
➡️ How to sustainably Raise your Vibration as the human experience + Life challenges you
➡️ Rewiring those Negative Nancy Thoughts
➡️ Soul Energy Upgrade to expand your human potential (never released before)

April 17th 7pm AWST.

Charlotte xx

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