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Power of Selflove

Oct 18, 2021

I've needed these... ⁣

I've been riding the waves for over 2 weeks; exhaustion, emotional 💯😭, grief, uncertainty and deep inner child healing. I couldn't make decisions and have overall felt like shit (Hello Pisces🐟) ⁣

I've had to take a step back in some areas of my life. ⁣

To Press Pause and to Heal
To say No⁣
Create boundaries⁣
To surrender to what is⁣
And to give myself permission, full permission to feel ⁣

It has crushed me down and cracked me open, to a healing I didn't know I needed. ⁣

As I'm feeling more energised today I want to share something with you. ⁣

Selflove isn't all bubble baths. ⁣

It's going into the depths to heal. It's leaning into kindness and self-compassion in those moments.
It's turning to your support team and saying fuck I need some help. It is sitting and holding yourself in an embrace. ⁣

If you have been particularly mean and unkind to yourself recently. Replying all the things you 'haven't done' and forcing the go go go when you are tired, sad and emotional. ⁣

Try replaying the things you HAVE done.⁣
How could you be kind to yourself today?⁣
How could you be kind to your body? ⁣

And please remember ⁣

1. Loving yourself isn't a one-time thing, it's a lifetimes journey⁣
2. Kindness and Compassion for self is sometimes sitting and crying⁣
3. Feeling IS healing⁣
4. Asking for help isn't a weakness ⁣

Finally.... ⁣

Please don't ever forget you are and always have been enough.

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