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Riding This Badass Wave of Life

Dec 01, 2021

I know it can be challenging to not get caught up in the tidal wave that is life and the world right now. 🌊

To not be swept into the fear, uncertainty, anxiety and being constantly scared of the unknown.

Here is your reminder - like waves… you can get caught in it or learn to surf it.

It can and does suck, you can feel ANYTHING you do about it, but when you're learning to surf or even as a pro (jeezz Kelly Slater almost got eaten by a shark) you fall off, you get washed up a bit, you'll swallow some water, you won't love it every single day and bad weather days do come.

But…. You learn and you get better with practice.

You keep on getting up.
You get up again and again and then surfing doesn’t feel as hard anymore.

It doesn’t mean the bad goes away but you get better the more healing you do at riding it.

Life does come in waves. Hang in there you freaking light beam.

If you're in need of some life surfing lessons, hook yourself up with a reiki healing and let's get you riding those waves again. Link in Bio. Almost booked up till Xmas.

P.S Yes I did almost fall over for this picture 🤪 oh the irony.

Big loves you badass surfer.

Charlotte xx

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