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Roller Coasters and Shit πŸ’©

Dec 01, 2021

I feel like the past few months of 2021 have been the roller coaster I didn’t ask to get on.

Do you feel the epic highs and then lows of this year? The Roller coaster you didn’t ask to get on, but you sure want to get off.?

Some questions I’ve asked myself (even today)

How did I/we get here?
I wish it wasn’t happening
Why is this so fucking hard?
Can I press stop & get off?

I’m describing this like cow shit that no one, fucking no one wants to stand in. But accidentally you do and It stinks and it’s awful. (Yes I’m describing my few months like rollercoasters and cow shit)

Eventually, it does wash away. You get off.

I sat on my Mums floor holding her hand last week marinating in the past 3 months.

It’s broken me down
Brought me to my knees
I’ve cried buckets
Felt so helpless
It’s left me frustrated AF, disappointed beyond belief, (punching people was a thought) of course I did not and just let that thought pass by🀦🏽‍♀️
It has also given me such joy, love and gratitude
To feel so blessed that this hurt is possible because the love is so big.
So healed, that my journey to healing has allowed me to love this deep.

Both love and sadness can exist together
Both love, helplessness and despair can exist too

This journey, my mums long goodbye has allowed me to fully expand into the beauty that’s available in dying. The mind leaves us, the body deteriorates
The soul lives on. It’s called living.

If you’re on this rollercoaster and you’re feeling like it, life, the rough road and the cow shit gets a little too much.

Let it.
Because it will and that is ok.
And sometimes it will be really fucking shitty and tough and you won’t feel like growing.
You won’t want to learn
Just be, be on the rollercoaster, be in the mess, Cry
Scream if you need to
Hug yourself
ask for help
And remember

With each down - there is an up
With each challenge, there is an opportunity for you to come out of the other side.

All my love if you’re facing struggles right now. πŸ’•I’m right here alongside you.

P.S Do you have a better analogy for the spiritual & self-development journey other than roller coaster or cow πŸ’©? πŸ˜‚Tell me.⬇️

Charlotte xx

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