Run and Run fast… 😂

Apr 23, 2022

I used to run from shadow work, dancing around the mindset work instead. Being positive, doing affirmations, trying to meditate (but failing with consistency) , doing a sound healing then buying the crystals… but still feeling the same in my life. Until I’d dosed up on my next “fix”

It wasn’t allowing me to feel more joy, expansion or happiness long term. It was a band-aid over a gaping wound.

All jokes aside… this work is challenging AF. It presents things to you that have been hidden. Every layer of my own shadow makes me uncomfortable. I can deny it. The ego steps in justify/protect or deny these aspects of self. I don’t like or love this work, truth! That’s why I do it.

Shadow doesn’t mean “dark” in that it’s “bad” it just means what is hidden from the light or more accurately from your conscious awareness.

Everything casts a shadow when the light is shined on it. Therefore every shadow has a light.

Doing the deeper work like shadow work in spirituality allows you to uncover and work through the beliefs hidden in your subconscious. That’s where lasting change really happens.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Tell me… are you a runner from this deeper work? 😂 5K or Marathon?

Blending the deep woo with the human AF

Charlotte xx

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