Season Update - Stop Doing

Nov 29, 2022
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This season has called me to take a step back. I know from so many conversations with clients the feeling is not just mine.
Go slow. Stop. Take a step back.

This card kept on coming - 5 times in a week K, K universe… I’m listening. (Not ideal timing but ok)

As a 5:2 Human Design, I am officially in my 2: Hermit.
Work feels good, supporting clients feels really incredible, and the healings have been phenomenal but anything else from here on out and for the rest of 2022 is a no.

After our recent traumatic event, I knew this phase was possible. I knew that the depth of healing we went to just 4 weeks ago wasn’t going to leave without some debris. The healing is still in progress.
In the half-emerging, half fallen
The bit in between.

No pushing, hustling, or creation. Instead lots of presence, patience and some serious unapologetic boundaries.
A chance to shift perspective - to step back.
My energy right now is reserved for my clients, family, close friends and myself.

It’s a real season for reflection.
I’ve been asking a lot of big questions of myself and being ok that I don’t have the answers yet.
I’ve had to pause and really slow down, going so slow that I feel still. (this is not a space I love or enjoy being in) It’s uncomfortable for me. To not be feeling my usual energetic self. To show up minimally and ONLY when I feel called. To cancel non-essential work. And To surrender to it all.
I’m the energiser bunny… the truth is this bunny isn’t energising anywhere or anything right now.

Currently being forged in the fire and learning compassion, love and grace on a new level.

I’m embracing the in-between
Taking that step back
Reflecting and Honouring this Season.
Being in the now

No matter your season - Are you honouring yourself? Are you listening to the whispers of your heart/soul? Are you paying attention to the signs from the universe?

It’s ok to say… I don’t have capacity for that right now - especially as the festive season is upon us.

Do you need to take a step back? Tell me below ⬇️

Big Love

Charlotte xx

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