Start to like yourself💓⁣

Sep 13, 2021


Please lovely, start to like yourself💓⁣

It really does not matter - ⁣

What Susan's best friends brother⁣
Or your ex⁣
Or your in laws⁣
Or your neighbour⁣
Or your old school friend⁣
Or the people at the gym⁣
Or the beach⁣
Or in your yoga class⁣

Think about you... ⁣

It's not your job to make sure they like you 🚫⁣

It's your job to like yourself.⁣
Love yourself 💓⁣

and to be your own best friend 👭⁣

When you do - that brilliant, authentic, true, freaking phenomenal you SHINES 💫 through.⁣

Because you are being true to you and you are being yourself, your people LOVE YOU for it. ⁣

Stop trying to please all these people and cover up who you really are.⁣

Who gives a flying shit 💩, your job is not to get their approval, validation, acceptance or love. ⁣

It's your job to like yourself. ⁣

Change the dialogue you have with yourself and I promise you, your entire life will change.⁣

Attract in those Soul-mate relationships
Go after your dreams
Change career
Go to the beach
Go to yoga and the gym
Be your BEST self for those you love

It's time to not just like yourself but love yourself. Drop a hell yes if you're in💓

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