Stop Being mean to Yourself

Aug 16, 2021

I never thought I could turn down that negative voice.

The one that used to beat me up day after day. Criticise me, judge me, tell me I wasn’t enough, was so mean, told me I couldn’t do that, people would judge me, they didn’t like me, my body was disgusting, I needed to lose weight, do more. ⁣

For a long time, I actually believed that the voice inside my head was me and what it told me was true. ⁣

This left me Exhausted. Defeated. Lost. Stuck.⁣

I didn’t think there was a way out, that I could change it, let alone have it support me and be working FOR me. ⁣

Until I found myself on the bathroom floor, ready to give up. ⁣

That was when I realised that voice, was not me. It was NOT true. ⁣

THEN I found a way to turn it down, to stop it’s critical negative ways that left me exhausted.⁣

To get it to work FOR me. ⁣
Yes FOR me. ⁣

It’s not all easy, but I promise you with every bone in my body, it is WORTH IT.⁣

You are worth it⁣
You don’t need to buy into the messages that you aren’t enough anymore.⁣
You are enough⁣
You are actually more than enough⁣
You deserve to be happy⁣
You deserve the peace and calm you’ve been craving⁣
desperately searching for⁣

It can be yours⁣

and trust me if I can do it, so can you.⁣

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