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Stop Comparing Yourself

Dec 23, 2020

Some truths - picture left me, picture right also me. Same day, same person. I do not have my shit together 100% of the time. These pictures were taken within hours of each other. ⁣

Picture on the left is me dressing up as a mermaid for my nieces 7th Birthday over skype. Picture on the right was following a heartbreaking conversation with my Mum who is sick.

Remember, don't compare someone else's snapshot to your album, you don't see everything.⁣

If you find yourself caught in social media comparison or in person. This is a highlight reel, you do not see everything else. You do not know what is going on behind the scenes, the screens or closed doors.

Nor should it make you feel bad about what you have in your own life and 'not enough'. Don't let your inner critic convince you aren't where you 'should' be or that your body should look any different than what it does. You gorgeous are more than enough!

I try and be as honest as possible with my own journey online, my mums disease, my anxiety and really what the last few months has entailed.

So here is the real.
Tears - happen and often.
That is ok.
I'm human, as are you.

I am a sobber... no little tears here, I let them waterfalls flow! 😭😭

Are you ready to stop comparing yourself to other people on and off social media? Are you ready to stop feeling bad about your own life, what you have achieved and where you are?⁣

To own your enoughness ⁣
To realise your worth⁣
To love, accept and honour where you are right now⁣
All of you⁣

Give me a hellll yeah?!?!⁣ 💕⬇️💕

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