Stop Giving a 💩 What Others Think

Oct 11, 2021

Your thoughts are what matters

Do you know how much…⁣

Think about the things you ‘worry’ people think about you? ⁣

'My body is disgusting, I’m fat, I’m stupid, people judge me, I’m not smart enough, I’m not where I should be in life, I’m getting old, My body is disgusting, my partner thinks I’m over-reacting, my partner won’t love me if I gain weight, they don't think I'm good enough, my friends don't think I'm funny'⁣

Now think about what YOU think about you?⁣

Correlation? ⁣
The Same?⁣

If you are constantly thinking and worrying what other people think about you... life is a mirror.⁣

What do you think about you? ⁣
Where are your thoughts going to on a daily basis?⁣
Do you criticise yourself?⁣
Are you mean to yourself?⁣

Your thoughts matter! ⁣

3 Things to improve the way you think- ⁣

1. Awareness of your thoughts⁣
2. Practice kindness and compassion towards yourself⁣
3. Develop a consistent meditation practice ⁣

Please lovely remember -⁣

You do matter⁣
You are important⁣
You are enough and always have been⁣

Charlotte xx⁣

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