Stretch Marks

Dec 23, 2020

⁣The moment you realise you can’t get your shorts over your legs, let alone fasten them.⁣

This morning I had that moment. I wore these shorts in Jan and this morning they didn’t fit. My inner critic piped up about the weight I’ve gained in the past 6 months. 'OMG you’ve gained weight during Covid'

I realised how quick I am to catch her these days.⁣

⁣Oh hello…. I hear you.⁣

Yeah that is true. I have gained weight. Thank you. It’s ok. Weight gain is normal. You’ve moved continents and there have been one or two other factors not that you even need ANY justification. It happens and that is ok.⁣

I realised exactly how much work I’ve done on myself this morning.⁣

Different shorts went on and off I went to the beach.⁣

I did not give it a second thought. I didn’t beat myself up, I didn’t change what I ate today, I didn’t exercise again, I didn’t purge or look for the newest weight loss trend to ‘fix it’. I found some others that fit and I certainly DID NOT let this moment stop me from enjoying the beach today.⁣

Falling in love with myself, not letting the size or shape of my body or that voice stop me from living is my biggest win in the past 4 years.⁣

Oh and those stretch marks are glitter left by the fairies 🧚‍♀️ when I grow 💕

So if it’s summer where you are and you’ve gained weight or you just beat yourself up about how your body looks.⁣


Your worth is not measured by the size of your shorts or how your body looks
⁣Don't let that inner critic stop you from living.
Go to the beach.
Have fun
Be kind today.⁣
Say something kind to yourself.⁣
Be compassionate⁣
And love yourself a little bit.⁣
You deserve it

What is 1 thing you can do to love yourself today?⁣ ⬇️💕⬇️

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