**The Truth**

Jun 20, 2022

I didn't even know what alignment was 12 years ago. I would have put it down to some weird maths term that I wasn't paying attention to when they taught it in school.

I did know something wasn't right... I felt drained, exhausted, I was overthinking everything, hated my 9-5 job, attracted and did things that I didn't always want to do and felt energy suckered.

As a result, I turned to 'coping' strategies and behavioural adaptations; anxiety, wine, partying, busyness, and self-criticism. Struggles and challenges perpetuated like a Ferris wheel with no stop, my stress levels seemed to be consistently high as a kite! I attracted, people, things, and experiences that were really freaking tough on REPEAT.

This is a key sign of NOT living in alignment.

Let me elaborate -

Where are you doing things in your life that don't make you feel good and lit up? You say yes when you mean no, you overthink decisions, you are drained by work and relationships

VS making deep nourishing LOVE based decisions, from your heart. They FEEL aligned and you know you want to do them. You own your beautiful loving yes, you feel safe to do so, you feel energised, experiences and relationships come from a deeply fulfilling place.

I know you have the ability to FEEL incredible in your body, life & business. To have the courage to say YES with confidence. To make the most aligned decisions for you and your vision. How do I know? Because now I am living in alignment with my vision, my mission and I am clear on what I came here for.

I feel it in my soul. I feel lit up by life, by my work and relationships. I am able to attract soul-mate clients who I love and adore. Sure this pivots and changes, challenges DO arise and year on year I'm stepping into a new version of me, but my SIGNAL to know if I'm in alignment, is knowing when I'm not.

Your spiritual alignment involves recognizing your infinite soul power and connection to source/the universe, beyond your mind and perception/thoughts & self-limitations. Connecting to your consciousness, that POWER, Alignment & LIVING from that place.

Charlotte xx

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