These thoughts ruled my life

Aug 06, 2021

I remember walking into that boardroom I thought I was going to πŸ’© my pants... ⁣
The dread, the anxiety…. my heart was racing and I was petrified. I would rather sit in the corner and not say anything than have to face opening my mouth.
I was overthinking and doubted myself so much. πŸ˜” ⁣All the thoughts...'I can't say that, what will they think of me. I don't have the confidence. I’ll sound stupid''
These thoughts ruled my life. Not just at work either but at social events. I desperately wished I could just be confident and not second guess every single thing I was saying. To be happy, to not worry to be able to speak with ease and be myself.
Fast forward to these past 8 weeks where I have supported, coached and trained some incredible women in my Soulful Academy. The transformations I have witnessed have blown me away, the most incredible results in just 8 weeks. They are now empowered, more confident, saying yes to themselves and they have more energy.
One client said - 'I have realized that I am enough. I have always been enough. I will always be enough exactly the way that I am. I am so strong and beautiful. I’m a freakin’ warrior! I feel more confident than I did at the beginning of this program. I feel more connected to my body and soul. I have noticed I am more calm at work when my days get hectic. Before this course, I would be so anxious if I was running behind on my schedule of patients.'
Let me show you what I have spent the last 10 years learning and mastering. πŸ’•

Let me show you what is possible for you too. Turn down overthinking, find the inner peace and calm you've been craving, fall in love with your body and BE supported by a community of amazing women just like you. You don't need to sit in doubt. You don't need to overthink anymore.

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