Things I could tell my younger self

Aug 24, 2021

⁣On my 35th Day around the sun… ⁣🥳

There are 13 things I wish I could tell my younger self - ⁣

💓You are amazing, JUST the way you are, you don't need to change a thing

💓Your worth is not defined by the number on the scales or the size and shape of your body please gorgeous believe me when I say that⁣

💓You are so freaking unique just for being you - you don’t need to try and be somebody else. ⁣

💓The things you hate about yourself right now, you’ll learn to love them⁣

💓If people don’t like you - that is ok, not everyone will. You won't like everyone either⁣

💓Please don’t stop being yourself, all of you is welcome in this world⁣

💓The anxiety, the doubt and fear will be overcome⁣, you don't need to live in it

💓Don’t compare yourself - you aren’t like other people and THAT IS OK⁣

💓The answer isn’t in the wine or in the fridge - don't be so mean to yourself ⁣

💓It is so ok to cry, to be angry, to feel frustrated you don’t need to live it forever ⁣

💓Please know how loved you are… how deeply truely loved you are⁣

💓You are always guided and cared for by things you can’t even see (hello spirit guides)⁣🌌

💓You are enough, you are actually more than enough, you always have been and always will be⁣

I wouldn’t change a single thing about my journey… all the challenges have made me who I am today. I just wish for a moment that little girl knew these things.⁣
She does now⁣ 💓

Oh... no.14 wear the damn bikini! Go to beach and stop giving a shit what others are thinking 💩

What would you tell your younger self?⁣⬇️

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