Aug 24, 2021


Eating pizza, drinking wine, without beating yourself up, criticising yourself, being mean to yourself. ⁣

Without weighing it, seeing if it's on the 'diet', is only to be eaten on a cheat day or as a treat! Tracking how many calories are on it. NOPE ⁣

This is eating pizza and drinking wine because you want it.
You feel like eating it.
⁣You enjoy it.
This is balance

Not overthinking it, having to start a new diet tomorrow or 'burn it off'. ⁣No guilt.

This is healthy for me. ⁣
This is no anxiety around food.⁣
This is no eating disorder.
This is no overthinking every little thing I do and say.
This is freedom!

You can have that too⁣
You can be free⁣
You can stop being so mean to yourself
No more self-criticism⁣
Overthinking if you should or shouldn't have it. ⁣

You can stop worrying that other people are going to judge you for it.
Be Free from diets making you feel less than⁣
Free from overthinking

Learn to love yourself
Stop hating yourself⁣
Stop overthinking everything you do and say⁣
Find freedom⁣
Find your peace and calm! ⁣

Charlotte x⁣

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