Toe Dipper VS Jumper

Feb 18, 2022

Being a toe dipper was my thang... until I got so bloody frustrated with not achieving things in my life and being on a hamster wheel I had to get off.

I would ask myself pretty much daily, Why wasn't I further along? Why wasn't I more successful? Why was this so hard, Why didn't I have better relationships... Why wasn't I more "healed" yet (like there is such a thing) Why was I such a failure? They held me back and kept me feeling so STUCK. You know what... sometimes I still ask those things today too 😜 but they don't keep me stuck anymore

I got so sick and tired of my own stories and to be honest my own bullshit that I decided to jump, I decided to leap and take a chance on ME.

It was scary... I was so unsure and so many more limiting beliefs came up. BUT on the other side of the fear has been everything I've dreamt of and more. In diving into my healing journey, in taking the leap in my business, in facing my fears with relationships, in loving my body, in overcoming my anxiety I have found more freedom, joy and peace than I could ever imagine possible.

I'm still going, still leaping, still facing fears and yeah that is still scary AF some days. Determined not to give up and to go after it. Knowing that LIFE is meant for living, not for struggle, not for the same thing over and over again, not for the hamster wheel and certainly not to talk to myself like crap for the rest of my life.

Your soul came here to grow. Your soul came here to experience life and ascend.

Ready to jump?

Doors to Soul Warrior Academy CLOSE tonight at 6pm, last chance to jump on board before 2023. 2022 is the year you HEAL, stop being so mean to yourself and know feel and believe you are worthy of having it ALL. 

Charlotte xx

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