Oct 24, 2022
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It’s very rare I find myself in a position that I’m unable to share the specific details/healing I’m going through.

Not through fear of judgment or lack of wanting to be vulnerable but this time it’s because right now I can't find all the words.

I can’t fully articulate what I want to say to empower others with my experience of this tragedy, but I know this will come with time.

For now, there is something I want to share.

The past week has challenged me in so many ways. The waves, the numbness, the heavy and all the emotions.

It’s been really hard. At times I’ve been so overwhelmed with the feelings.

I’ve fallen into so much uncertainty
The healer in me has felt so much helplessness
My empath heart has felt it all… the pain, the struggles and sadness not just mine but the collective around this tragedy
I’ve judged and criticised myself for the decisions I have/haven’t made
I’ve judged where I am on the journey to healing and working through this
I’ve judged myself that I didn’t do enough

As I’ve gone within, deeply seen, revealed and worked through this.
Compassionately been with myself and the pain and trauma I’ve experienced.

I do know it all happened for me
My soul chose this and I was chosen for this experience for some incredibly powerful reasons and lessons
This has changed me and deepened my passion for the work I’m here to do this lifetime

If I have something for you to take away today -

Give yourself some love
Be kind to yourself
It’s ok to pause, reassess, say no
It’s ok to be working through things
Healing isn’t linear
Asking for help takes great strength - dive deep into the courage within and ask 😘

Much love from my healing cocoon

Charlotte xx

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