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Understand Yourself

Dec 01, 2021
Quote - It's not your job to make others understand you

If you're saying to yourself 'Well they don't understand where I'm coming from, they don't know how I feel, they don't understand what it's like… they need to… they should'

All the stories you're telling yourself about why someone SHOULD understand your perspective, your feelings, your values or your beliefs.

No, they shouldn't. That’s like asking someone to come into your brain, your belief system, your shoes (impossible)

Your only job + responsibility is to understand yourself, understand why you think, feel and believe the way you do. Own it, it's yours.

Every time you feel the need to defend yourself... argue, fight, challenge someone - that is your ego.

It's time to reclaim your power, accept how you feel, without a need to defend why.

If you have the capacity and the ability within you to understand yourself - FULLY, then explore how you can understand another then great (jeez the world needs it now).

Your ability to understand others gives you a whole new perspective. You might not have the capacity for that and that is ok. Meet yourself where you are.

Remember it is nobody else's job nor responsibility to understand you. Why you have the values you do. People are trying to make others understand them right now, argue with them, change their mind, that word 'make' = forceable.

People won't always understand your own inner journey. Sure you can hope that others may get our perspective, but its always going to fall short seeking that externally. If you understand yourself enough you will never seek that validation or understanding from another. 💣

How can you understand yourself today?

Charlotte xx

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