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Jan 16, 2023
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AGAIN seriously… now? The exact words I said to myself, I could feel it - me falling, my workouts didn’t feel good, my meditations felt blah, I was tired AF & I just felt sad. I started judging myself and the voice inside my head was having a party.

I felt triggered and a lot of old feelings bubbled to the surface. Do you ever feel frustrated? I was, which isn’t something I feel very often anymore. I sat down one day and wrote. I let the words flow out of me and I dove into why I was feeling so ‘off’. I recalled a memory from my childhood, a situation that left me feeling heartbroken.

I’m not worthy. GULP. It hit my heart like a dagger.
I took a breath and held myself.

Then I felt like a hypocrite. I’ve written posts about worth, and I’ve shared this with my clients multiple times. I coach people on reclaiming their worth. YET here I was not feeling it. My mind said - you’re a bad coach, you can’t teach this.

The truth is… On a deep level, I believed I was not worthy of love, depth, friendships, or abundance, I KNOW logically I am of course worthy and have received all of these things but this DEEP layer was revealed.

As I held myself and listened to my higher self & spirit guides the message came ‘It’s time that you really believe you are in a new way’

This wasn’t sent to pull me down, It was the deepest invitation for me to really own my worth. To DEEPLY know, feel and believe that no matter what - I am worthy. No matter if I make a mistake, mess up, get frustrated I am still at my core WORTHY.

It’s been a month of inner child work & healing. Now I'm fully owning my worth.

This level of healing came to me because I know so many of you are struggling with your self-worth. Lacking belief in yourself. Not feeling good enough. I’m often initiated with everything I share and teach.

I want you to reclaim your power this year
Own how amazing you really are
You are worthy, deserving and enough not because you’ve done anything - Just for being you

Charlotte xx

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