Walking Down The Beach

Dec 29, 2020

The thought of walking down the beach, petrified me 😬.⁣

I managed to get there, kicking and screaming in the bikini. I’ll just lie down, no one will see me, my body or how bad I look. I’ll just stay here, I don’t need to move looking like this.⁣

BUT… the sweltering heat got a bit too much and if you’re anything like me I need a wee and the only place for that is the ocean. (Now, don’t go telling me you don’t have a wee in the ocean. WE ALL DO IT). Anyone who says they don’t, either doesn’t drink enough water – errr hello hydration is important 💦, or they are telling you a barefaced lie.⁣

‘OMG they are all looking at me, my cellulite is disgusting, I should have gone to the gym, i'll eat less tomorrow, they are all going to stare at me, what will they think. I’ve put weight on, I look a mess, the backs of my legs and my arse are so disgusting, no one else has cellulite. Look at all the other people, their bodies are so toned’⁣

Just leave the beach, 'you're so fat'⁣

Gets dressed, goes home and leaves the beach 😥⁣

I was not prepared for my thoughts about my body to rule my life.⁣

Swipe Right... my face at the beach now 😁➡️

Tell me – what is one thing you’ve struggled with?⁣

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