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Welcome Comparison

Dec 23, 2020

I used to compare myself to other people; my body, my career, where I lived, the money I earned, my relationships status... (or lack of) AND how successful I was.⁣

I was plagued with the feeling, that everyone else was doing 'better' than me, 'looked' better than me, was more 'successful' than me and therefore 'happier' than me = Welcome Comparison. ⁣

Whenever I did this, I felt down, sad and disappointed in myself. The voice inside my head sure had something to say about it. It literally gave my inner critic a free platform to beat me up a little bit more. The crux of it⁣

You are not enough⁣
You're not doing enough⁣
You're not smart enough, successful enough, skinny enough, pretty enough.⁣

In looking outside of myself, in comparing myself to others, I wasn't even focusing or acknowledging my own achievements and successes. It was almost as if they didn't even exist. ⁣

It was STEALING away my joy and happiness and if you are comparing yourself to others, it is potentially stealing yours too. ⁣

We are all absolutely unique and special in our own way. Our rising/shining and journey will always be different from someone else. Because we are ALL different. But you know what, this doesn't happen. We don't love ourselves enough to own all of us. To own our uniqueness. But you deserve to. ⁣

You don't need to compare your life/body relationship/career/status to anyone else lovely.

It is my absolute MISSION to support you, to stop you comparing yourself to other people and feeling bad about yourself. Which is why I created the stop Comparison Masterclass. Tickets have just been released and are 50% off for the next 48hours! Use the code Compare50 at checkout. Link in Bio.⁣ 💕 Space is limited so I can deeply support all of you with 1-1 questions.

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