Welcome message for 2022

Dec 31, 2021

Any last messages for 2021 or a welcome message for 2022? ⬇️

Me: ‘Good riddance you bitch, but also LOVE YA 😘, so grateful’

It broke me down, cracked me open and brought me to my knees. The biggest, best most incredible manifestations of my life and the lowest, hardest, darkest most challenging times.

Without darkness there cannot be light.

The polarity of being human is allowing all the experiences. They all get to exist together.

It’s to not just to challenge you but to change you for the better. For your soul's evolution.

How do you choose to ride the waves and the thunderstorms of life? Or do you get washed up? (I was washed this year 🥺)

How do you support yourself through the darkness?

You sure as shit can't run from it. It's inevitable.

The part of you that struggles is challenged and faces the darkness needs love. To hold yourself with such compassion and kindness no matter what, tune in and listen to that higher guidance.

Seek support and nurturing from spirit and source.

Love yourself through it all. Even the darkness.

Charlotte xx

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