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What I wish someone told me

Jun 14, 2022

In prep for what is coming in June... AND the launch of Soulful Biz Babes (eeekkk happy dance), get your booty on the waitlist for it.

I wish someone told me these things in the first few years of business and I crave so much to see more honesty and truth around this online from 'business coaches'

You don't need a "business plan", fancy strategy, logo, website or to know how the algorithm works (snooze fest). You don't need to post every single day and have the latest reel transition nailed or know how to make 10K in a week!

What will help you more than ANY of that...

1. Believe in yourself. If you're doubting you, your abilities and if you can do it. STOP! That mean inner critic and voice inside your head is trying to protect you, If you have a calling, a passion, a message and are drawn to something - you can do it. You just need to believe in you - give yourself a whole lot of love, compassion and kindness, flex that self-belief muscle first 😘

2. Be yourself - The world doesn't need more watered-down masked versions of people trying to "look" good on IG, authenticity is your superpower. People want to see allll of you, stop hiding parts. They are just waiting to see you shine your light and gifts with the world.

3. Your intuition is the fastest, quickest and easiest way to make decisions. Get out of your head, overthinking, replaying all the what if's and worrying about what could go wrong and trust yourself. Your inner guidance system has the answers you seek.

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