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You are not broken⁣

Oct 18, 2021


Despite what you tell yourself⁣

You are not broken⁣
Your body isn’t broken⁣
Your mind isn’t broken⁣

You are not broken⁣

It is impossible for that statement to be true⁣ 💗

If you have been telling yourself you need to be ‘fixed’⁣

You need to change something about yourself⁣
Your body⁣
Your life⁣
Your relationship status⁣

In order to ‘fix’ yourself ⁣

Please remember - ⁣

You aren’t a glass vase⁣
Nor are you in need of anything outside of you⁣
You are the most incredible soul being, incarnated on earth living out a human experience.

You may be on the healing journey⁣
You may be working on parts of yourself ⁣
You may be on the spiritual path⁣
Learning to love yourself⁣

Please lovely don’t misunderstand growth and healing for ‘fixing’⁣ 💗

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