You aren't a Hamster

Jan 20, 2022

You're fucking it up...

I've seen, witnessed, coached and guided incredible souls just like you. Letting their vibration and energy affect their entire life. Relationships, job, how they parent, conversations, people they engage with, what they are available for, what they manifest.

Picture this... you don't put yourself first because you feel guilty or there just isn't enough time so you give to everyone and you're left with the scraps at the end of the day.

You say yes when you would love to be able to say no without guilt (because hello empty cup).

You don't know how or believe deep down you're worthy of receiving your dream business and relationships (so they stay as that... dreams).

The challenges (not always even yours) come and you are suckered like a tornado into them and they drag your ass down. Then those friends, family members, people on socials that you feel compelled to help and support are actually Vampire Suckers and draining your beautiful energy.

But you want to help right?
Stop ALLOWING all your energy to be suckered by others.
Yes - you lovely soul allowing this.
Stop being afraid to own your power and your worth.

You are doing this... Unintentionally... yep this isn't a conscious choice, you aren't chosing it. BUT it has seriously dragged you down, made you feel heavy, crappy, and repeating the old cycles and patterns that YOU can't... do it, have it, receive it. Errrr hello hamster in a ball on a wooden floor - you aren't a hamster.

It's time for you to allow yourself to HOLD your high vibration
To maintain a positive light energy
To reclaim your power which has ALWAYS been inside of you
Give others the BEST of you, not what is left of you
Then use this to attract and RECEIVE all your dreams

Charlotte xx

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