Your Beliefs

Jun 29, 2022

Belief work is a really powerful way to change your reality and change the way you think and believe. (This is only PART of the work as you must get the body on board too and integrate - more about that another time)

Pssst... You can still make huge shifts doing mindset and belief work.

However... jumping from one side of this circle to the other isn't always possible or available to everyone. It's more likely to be a progression. Energetically often the body doesn't feel safe in a new reality and a new way of thinking so it is quick to revert back. When you progress your way of thinking and embody the new beliefs you must then ground that into reality.

Think of a belief you hold in an area of your life?

Now if you could shift it one place up in the circle... how would that feel? What becomes available to you when you no longer feel stuck in a limited way of thinking and believing?

One of the KEY things that has supported me in my life/business is mindset, belief and embodiment work. Re-training my brain out of 'I'm such a failure, I'm not good enough, I'll never be successful". Now those sneaky fuckers still come in sometimes BUT I now have the awareness and the tools so I don't believe them anymore AND I take action anyway.

Email me what belief prevents you from taking action and I'll help. 

Charlotte xx

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