Your social media feed

Aug 06, 2021

Is your scroll leaving you feeling drained? 😔

Your social media feed is like welcoming people into your home, to sit on your couch, have a cup of tea and maybe a glass of wine with you.⁣ 🍷

So is it supporting you?⁣

You would generally only welcome people in you like/love right?⁣

This week alone 4 clients have expressed that their social media makes them feel frustrated about their situation, anxious, or they are slipping into a comparison about what they ‘don’t' have. The scroll leaves them feeling like they aren't 'enough'⁣

People can become more self-critical of their life, their body and their relationship status! COMPARISONITIS is the real thing.⁣

Social Media Boundaries are so important in 2021 more than ever.⁣

Ask yourself these questions -⁣

Do I feel anxious reading this?⁣
Am I comparing myself to this person?⁣
Do I currently feel worse or better about myself?⁣
Is this inspiring me?⁣
Is this supporting me?⁣
Am I benefiting in some way from hearing their story?⁣

There are amazing inspirational, motivational, educational and some of the most incredible resources available all over social media. So use your feed for those things! Use your feed to uplift you and so you feel inspired!⁣

The ability to CLEAR OUT what isn’t serving you will support your energy and how you feel each and every day. ⁣

Mute, unfollow, delete, Hide = AKA Boundaries.⁣

Tell me how do you feel after your social media scroll?⁣ ⬇️

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