Zero Confidence

Jan 25, 2023
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Being confident and loving my body has been one of my biggest struggles.

Years of work and layers upon layers of healing, I kinda felt like I’d done my 'healing' around it.

GULP - Thanks Universe for giving me a serving of humble pie.

I invited my 2022 Soul Warriors on a white beach shoot to capture their awesomeness, meet in person and to really celebrate how far they had come.

I bought this dress online and immediately felt dread, it was see-through and very revealing for me, I couldn’t wear underwear and it had huge splits in it. 😳

How do you know how confident you are - step massively out of your comfort zone, do something you wouldn’t usually do and see what bubbles.

I shared with my soul warriors who were also having some clothing dilemmas/worries that I am JUST like them.

It was my own FEAR I had to face. My mind raced, I contemplated sending it back, I told myself it wasn’t my style, and I couldn’t pull it off. It left me feeling like crap. I turned to Boyd the day before in said dress and said I can’t do this, look at the state of me.

He looked at me - wide-eyed and told me I look like a goddess and could totally rock it. (husband of the year)

I cried.

I walked back to the mirror and gave myself the biggest loving pep talk. I practiced my confidence tools and I owned it.

I walked the beach proud of myself, my body, my soul warriors and how my confidence has grown. I got to love a part of me that still felt like she wasn’t enough.

I realised how far I'd come.

From a woman scared to wear a bikini.
Nearly having an anxiety attack in a boardroom when she was asked to speak.
πŸ’©Almost shitting my pants before my first speaking event for 5 people.
Shaking when trying to talk to people because I had no confidence to communicate.

Don’t underestimate what’s possible for you - courageously stepping into a new you in 2023 takes facing those fears. Loving you on a DEEP level. Confidence is built, you don’t need to be born with it.

Much Love πŸ’–

Charlotte x

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