Energy healing for body, mind and spirit

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Charlotte uses energy healing through which a "universal energy" is transferred through the palms of her hands to you in order to encourage and promote healing.

Energy is transferred through time and space, therefore distance healing works exactly the same as in person, if not more powerfully due to the higher activation of energy.

In addition to being a Reiki Master, Charlotte is also a Psychic Intuitive, trained in various modalities including Ashati, Alsemia, Golden Dragon and Higher Senses;Ā combining multipleĀ forms of energy healing to deeply support you.

She provides IntuitiveĀ Guidance and Messages picked up from Spirit during the session, from her spirit guides and yours. Sometimes loved ones who have transitioned also come to the session to provide guidance, support and healing.

All sessions include an Intuitive Card Reading.

Sessions are conducted in Osborne Park, Perth, Fremantle, Perth or online via Zoom.

60-MinuteĀ In-Person Reiki Healing $225 AUD

60-Minute Virtual Healing $175 AUD

Ready for some good juju vibes?

To stop feeling heavy, dragged down by life, stuck in negative energy and to give you some peace, calm and clarity. Welcome Reiki into your life. Each healing is 60 Minutes and consists of a full body healing tune-up and clear out, intuitive guidance from source and spirit and an oracle reading.

Sessions are $225.00 AUD for In-Person or Virtual are $175.00 AUD.

Please add [email protected]Ā to your contacts so the email comes through.

I cannot wait to support you with this powerful energy healing.

Charlotte xxĀ 

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