Hey, I'm Charlotte.


I teach Spiritual Babes to be the BEST version of themselves, listen to their intuition, heal from their past and love the shit out of themselves.
It's time for deep-trust, unconditional self-love, reclaiming your power and freedom!

Scroll your booty down for all the details and what's on offer at the healing buffet.

Hey, I'm Charlotte.

I teach Spiritual Babes to be the BEST version of themselves, listen to their intuition, heal from their past and go after their dreams.
It's time for deep-trust, power and freedom!

Scroll your booty down for all the details and what's on offer at the coaching and healing buffet.

For the Badass Spiritual babe ready to thrive in life, grab it by the balls and give it a good old ride em cowboy

Is that you... then hey, I see you.

I know you're so ready, you're realising how much more there is to life and how much more you can LIVE and be FREE.

And you... you’re ready to live life to the fullest, find freedom from the negative chatter inside your head, quit overthinking shit that doesn't matter, heal from your past, trust in your juicy intuition and manifest your dreams.

You know it's time because you are READY and well... you're here on this page. 

You’ve got those dreams... I see you thinking about them, day dreaming of soul-sister connections, blissful married life, that biz that's been PATIENTLY waiting to be birthed into the world, your best self that's itching to come out.

But why are they just dreams... let's make them a reality.

Trust and Belief in yourself doesn't need to just tickle you with that universal feather - hoping you'll say yes, it's time to nod and say it - hell YES - I'm ready to be my best self - have my dream life.

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Those Spikey Intuitive and gut senses...

You've already had them... now you are ready to TRUST them - which let me tell you, they've been desperately trying to guide you to a better life. Waiting for you to listen, but your mind just won’t get out of the way! Self-Doubt, second-guessing, overthinking, fear, you're not good enough, being afraid - that's yesterday's energy.

The universe has your back and it’s time for you to start to have your own.

You get to have a killer soul-led business, peace like a buddha, be present with your beautiful family, be the best parent for your kiddos, have a team of soul-sisters/brothers who’ve got your back AND an epic soul-mate relationship.

Yep, gorgeous - you get to say YES to you and have it all.

How??  Healing + Spiritual Life Coaching Jizz in your face!

If life has been feeling BLAH, you're sick of the boring AF mundaneness, you wish you could break free from the negative nanny inside your head and the overwhelm and you want MORE now.

Then Beautiful I've got you-

It’s time to connect you back to your truth, your heart and your power
Heal from the past (which is behind you for a reason)
Rewire the way you think feel and believe and live your BEST FUCKING LIFE
Confident AF, Anxiety Free, Peaced out, Authentically you and going after what you want, not standing on the sidelines any more

Let me be your guide -

1-1 Spiritual Mentorship + Energy Healing
Blended Container, hitting your mind, body and soul - To fire you up, love you hard, move energy and sprinkle the light back inside of you.

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Juicy AF Fast Fire or Deep Dive Containers

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Spiritual Breakthrough 

90-Minute One Off Session

Bust through a belief, Gain clarity on your next steps + be supported to move some energy in your life/business

Staying stuck, feeling lost and overthinking decisions is 2020 energy, 2024 is the year to get shit moving

Clarity, Alignment, Freedom, Power Incoming

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1-Month Mentorship


It's fast, it's firey and it's here to hold you as you move to your next level.

Blended Coaching & Healing so you can Break-Free from your limitations, Gain Clarity on where you are going and then sprinkle you with Healing Vibes to ground you back into your body

30 Days of me in your pocket, supporting you as you expand, transition through change, or move energy forward.

I'm your wing-woman, motivational BFF and your energy sprinkler.

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3-Month Mentorship


3 Months to powerfully heal and move forward on your healing journey.

Let go of the past, rewiring the way you think, feel and believe and heal anything which has been holding you back. This is blended Mentorship and Healing work to support you with the Mindset, Subconscious Programming and also Energy Healing (Key!).

Holding a deeply nourishing and safe space for you whilst you navigate this new iteration of you, embarking on your next level in life/business/relationships

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6-Month Mentorship


Transform in a deep-dive 6 months together, have support whilst you navigate your Spiritual, Personal and Business Growth and set you up for your next level.

Think bigger picture 1-3 Year Vision and setting the foundations and healing to make that happen.

We will breakthrough those layers holding you back with a blended Healing and Mentorship Container. Uncovering any blocks/beliefs, breaking free from any limitations you have and making sure your nervous system and YOU are nourished.

Freedom and the Life You're dreaming of are just waiting for you! 

You beautiful soul deserve unconditional self-love. 


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